Friday, February 6, 2009

Food on Fridays

Ann Kroeker writes about food on Fridays. Today she wrote about chocolate gravy. That sounds amazing and something I don't know much about. But I do have a Cashew Gravy recipe that is pretty great! But even more tasty is my Butternut Squash Curry recipe. It is really something you have to try. It is the recipe that friends ask from me more then any other. It is eaten really quickly whenever I take it to a potluck. My family gets quite excited when I make it.

I posted both recipes yesterday. But you can look at them on Friday, or any other day if you wish.


  1. Ohhhh....I love butternut squash, so I'm sold before I've even looked at your recipe!

    Thanks so much for participating in Food on Fridays--I'm updating the post right this minute to show your link. Wonderful to meet you!!

  2. Hi! LaTeaDah sent me and I'm so glad to have found you!


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