Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rice Cooker Dahl

The recipe below is for some great dahl, but have you ever made it in the rice cooker. I'm all for easy food, done healthy. Put it all in a big rice cooker and press on. It will be all ready and waiting for you at dinner time.

Rice Cooker Dahl

3 cups of basmati brown rice
2 cups red lentils
2 teaspoons garam masala seasoning
1 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp cumin seeds
1 tsp garlic powder
chopped onion
minced garlic
2 tsp salt
cilantro, chopped, if you have some
ginger, minced, if you'd like

Lots of water, like you were making soup (Sorry I don't have a measure, just put in 2 - 3 inches of water above the top of the ingredients)

Pour it all into the big rice cooker pot. If your cooker is small, divide the recipe. Mix it up. Put down the lid and press on. Come back in a hour or a little more and find lunch. Add a big salad on the side. Yum!


  1. We make this to take with us on trips...ingredients in the night before sometimes, and it stays warm in the cooker until lunch time...far down the road. Sometimes we add vegetables also.

  2. Thank you for the dahl recipes. I love dahl --- and enjoy how it can be altered slightly to create a new dish.

    My sister is in India this month. She sends email updates, and tells of a family of monkeys who are living on the window ledge of their hotel room. Their are bars on the window, and the monkeys reach in to them and try to get to the bananas on their shelf. Sis is enjoying them, especially the babies. She talks baby talk at them and I am sure she is sharing her bananas!


  3. Thankyou for sharing .Just a question though , are the measurements using the rice cooker cups or 250ml measuring cups ?

    1. The cups in the recipe above are not the little measuring scoops that come with the rice cooker. They are the standard measuring cup used for cooking in American kitchens.


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